Unfortunate as it is, home invasions and home burglaries are common everywhere now, whether you live in a small town or a metropolitan area. The bad guys are looking to see who appears to be the most vulnerable. Here are just a few quick tips to make your home safer.

Get a deadbolt lock, secure Sliding glass doors, and change your routine.
The reason for changing your routine is simple.  Usually before someone decides to break into your home, they most likely have been observing you for awhile, to discover what your regular routine is.

Watch shrubbery
And remember outside lights
Criminals who intend to conceal themselves want the perfect place to hide and shrubbery is perfect for that purpose. Outside lights are also important in deterring thieves.
Never open a door to a stranger.
People will attempt to get you to open up your door, by appealing to you for help. Someone may knock on your door or ring your doorbell and claim to have a flat tire or claim to have an emergency situation and need to use your phone.  Home invasions occur when unscrupulous individuals are able to push their way into your home. It is also important to teach children never to open a door for someone they do not know.  Don’t give criminals that chance to break into your home.
Give the illusion of being there.
If you plan on going away for an extended stay somewhere, make sure it doesn’t look that way. Be sure that you have your mail held, so your mailbox does not “over-flow.”  Have your newspaper delivery stopped, and consider timed lighting to go on and off at different times.

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